Terms and Conditions


                                                    Terms of Agreement between the Nutritional Therapist and the Client


*Please familiarise yourself with these terms prior to our initial appointment.




1. The Nutritional Therapist (N.T) will use his skills & knowledge to design a nutritional programme that is well researched & safe for the client. This programme will be specific to the client’s goals, fitness levels, personal preferences & financial status.


2. The N.T. will provide advice, coaching & support to the client to enable them to reach their goals. The client’s progress will be monitored regularly & the programme will be adjusted accordingly.


3. The N.T. will provide all necessary hand-outs & provide the venue for the consultation. Home visits are only in special circumstances where the client is unable to physically attend the clinic.


4. Nutritional advice will be tailored to support health conditions and/or health concerns identified and agreed between both parties. The N.T. is not permitted to diagnose, or claim to treat, medical conditions. Nutritional advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment.


5. It is understood between the client & the N.T. that both will commit fully to the programme.


6. All client information will be kept strictly private & confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


7. Recording consultations using any form of electronic media is not allowed without the written permission of both the N. T. and the client.

Health Screening:


1. All clients must complete a Nutritional Health questionnaire prior to our first appointment, as this is required to obtain a complete picture of the client’s medical history & health status to ensure any treatment plan is designed with complete safety in mind. *It is crucial that you notify me of any changes to your medical history during the programme. 


2. If further medical information is required from your GP, or any other health professional, the client should provide such details, or give permission for me to write on their behalf.


3. The N.T may carry out health checks such as blood pressure monitoring, weight & height measurements, hip & waist measurements or any other tests they see fit. Any blood tests required will be under the GP & the client will be referred if these are recommended.


4.  If you are receiving treatment from your GP, or any other medical provider, you should tell him/her about any nutritional strategy provided by your nutritional therapist. This is necessary because of any possible reaction between medication and the nutritional programme.


5.  It is important that you tell your Nutritional Therapist about any medical diagnosis, medication, herbal medicine, or food supplements you are taking as this may affect the nutritional programme.


6.  If you are unclear about the agreed nutritional therapy programme/food supplement doses/time period, you should contact your Nutritional Therapist promptly for clarification.


7. You must contact your Nutritional Therapist if you wish to continue any specified supplement programme for longer than the original agreed period, to avoid any potential adverse reactions.


8. You must let your N.T. know if you are pregnant or seeking to become pregnant (women).



Queries in between appointments:


Any brief questions or concerns can be discussed via email prior to & in between appointments. *Emails are my preferred means of communication.



Cancellation Policy:


I employ a 48 hour notice cancellation policy for all appointments. Please can you notify me at least 48 hours before our appointment if you cannot attend otherwise this will result in a 100% charge of the consultation fee. If you wish to cancel or postpone the appointment within the non-changeable 48 hour notice, I will charge 100% of the consultation fee and then you would need to pay the full fee to book the consultation for a new date.



Lateness Policy:


1. If the client is late for our appointment, the appointment will not be extended & will end at the appointed time.


2. If for whatever reason the N.T. is late for the appointment, additional time will be added on to the appointment time, where possible.


Fee charging policy:


1. All payments for initial appointments are payable in full by Pay Pal, bank transfer or cash deposit at least a week before our appointment; however if previously agreed,  payments can be made on the day in cash.


2. Follow up appointments are preferred to be paid in full in advance one week before the appointment via Pay Pal, bank transfer or by cash deposit, however if previously agreed, payments can be made on the day in cash.


3. Please note any payments that are made later than on the day of the appointment will be subject to interest of £7.50 per day for every day the payment is not received.


4. Block bookings (3 month packages) must be paid in advance BUT the dates of the sessions do not have to be booked in advance. However, all sessions must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.



Agreement termination policy:


1. The N.T. reserves the right to terminate any nutritional programme for any breaches or non-compliance of the terms & conditions.