Emma, London

Working with Greg has definitely helped my physical health and raised awareness of the ways I could make healthier lifestyle choices... Such as more water, better exercise, sleep habits, avoiding hidden sugars, healthier snacks to provide more energy through the day. I didn't necessarily feel like I needed to lose weight at the time but I did lose a couple of kgs and felt much better for it.

Sophia, London

I suffer from an autoimmune disease. I came to Gregorio interested in how a change in diet could further improve my symptoms plus my overall health. The advice given by Gregorio has helped improve my symptoms and also increase my energy throughout the day.

The benefits have been so noticeable that it has been easy to persevere with the changes to my diet.

Mark, Surrey

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis some months ago and sought Greg's guidance on diet. He was extremely professional and thorough in his approach. He was careful to explain why certain foods were better for me than others and was encouraging and positive in his approach. I would highly recommend Greg if you are seeking help with nutrition tailored to your specific needs.

Daniel, London

After years of suffering with IBS and other food related concerns a friend suggested that I contact Gregorio. During our first meeting I felt very comfortable talking to him about  my concerns about my health. He helped me to understand why  my body was rejecting food so frequently. He advised me about what steps to take to improve my health. Gregorio is knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and empathetic. He has been invaluable in my return to good health. I now have a greater understanding of my body’s needs and how these needs can be met. Thank you Gregorio for your continued guidance.

Eva, Manchester

Greg provided me with excellent advice and support at a time when I was experiencing extreme stress at work. I was suffering from heart palpitations and a ‘shaking feeling’. He advised on my nutritional intake and recommended supplements to support my adrenals. He also explained to me about my roller-coaster cortisol levels caused by my dependence on ‘sugar fixes’ just to get me through  exhausting and emotional days.
Through Greg’s explanations, advice and limitless patience,  I am more aware of my body’s nutritional needs. I now eat well and am more energised. I am particularly selective in my snack intake and  I have well balanced meals throughout the day. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. 

Carol, Málaga (Spain)

My weight has always been a daily struggle. Greg taught me the importance of eating REAL FOOD, healthy exercise and healthy living. Through his prompting I have come to control my food portions, exercise on a regular basis and several other healthy habits. His  strategies have helped shape my daily food intake and allowed me to enjoy all my favourite foods while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am now 8 kg lighter and feel great joy. He was always encouraging and supportive and being accountable to his was a key for me.